Are Those Real?

Hi everyone! Julianne here. As most of you know, I got married in January, and in April, my husband & I bought our first home! We've been working very hard and have already experienced some of the highs and lows of home ownership (I've made myself very familiar with Home Depot). One of my first projects was to plant an herb garden in my backyard with the help of my lovely grandmother, Dolly. After a couple weeks, the herbs are not doing as well as I had hoped. It might be the 105 degree weather in Dallas, or maybe I do not have a green thumb... The verdict is still out.

I'm a little bummed about my garden, but the good news is that there are some amazing faux florals for the inside of my house! My personal favorites are our "real touch" roses. I can keep these in a nice vase year round and never have to worry about killing them! Currently I have about 10 bunches in a really cool oriental footbath on my dining table. I am constantly getting questions whenever we have guests over... "Are those real roses? They look so good!" 

One of my other favorite products are our faux succulents. They look so perfect in my guest bathroom. They would be great on a desk or bedside table as well!



I hope this gives hope to my fellow non-green thumbers out there!! 


xoxo, Julianne