Let's Get Comfortable

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year! It’s reminds me of family trips, late mornings, no homework, and sunny afternoons with family and friends. It’s a time to be lazy and relax.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to get comfortable the moment I get home from a long day at work. My “go-to” ensemble is my PJ Harlow. This loungewear is nothing short of amazing! My personal favorite pieces are the “Natalie” tank paired with the “Jolie” pant and, of course, the “Shala” robe as an cover piece.

PJ Harlow is silky smooth and feels fantastic against your skin. It’s machine washable and I’ve been immensely pleased with the ease of care. Now if we are talking colors it’s no big surprise that my personal favorite is the black, but PJ Harlow comes in a variety of fabulous colors including aqua, blush, navy, dark silver and even a lovely shade of lavender. They are all good! PJ Harlow is simply the best. You can shop our collection here!

xoxo, Molly