Graduation is Grand

Graduation is one of those times when it’s so fun to celebrate people and their accomplishments. There is excitement in the air and young people are anxious to begin their lives and start the next chapter. As a parent, graduation can be both happy and sad - but most of all it’s a moment to be proud.
Both of my children were fortunate enough to attend Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and both graduated in three years (which I still can’t figure out how they did!)
My son, William, went straight into the MBA program at SMU Cox School of Business and just graduated this past Saturday. It was a grand time for the whole family to celebrate.

I love to give graduation presents and I especially like to focus on something they will really use in the future. Girls are pretty easy to buy a fun and thoughtful graduation gift for. Personally, I always have a need for pouches; I like to put phone chargers, cords, lip gloss, all kinds of things into them, so that tends to be my go-to. Right now I’m really into the Katie Loxton pouches because they are relatively small, very well constructed and look cute when you pull them out of your handbag. They have wonderful sayings on them. My favorite is “Sparkle Everyday” because who doesn’t want to do that!?

Guy graduation gifts are a little more tricky because, let’s face it, there’s just not that much out there for guys. My current favorite guy gift is the O-Boy money clip. I gave my son a cognac one for graduation and my husband thought it was so cool that he wanted a black one! They were a big hit in the Barns house! I also think catch-all trays are a great gift for guys. My son keeps one on his dresser and drops his keys, spare change, and money clip into it whenever he gets home. Not a bad choice for a girl gift either, as now they are making catch-all trays in pinks, golds, and a variety of feminine colors. Add a monogram and you are good to go!

xoxo, Molly