Oh, Baby Baby!

So I just celebrated my 25th birthday, and Josh just celebrated his 30th. While we are enjoying being cat parents, we've realized that we are at the stage in our lives where a lot of our friends are starting to have kids. We are spending weekends either going to baby showers or going to see a friend's newborn baby. Everyone is having kids and I am ALWAYS needing a gift. I'm so lucky that Unmistakably Molly sells so many cute baby things!!

One of my NEW FAVORITE gifts is the set of Waddle Rattle SocksThe rattle attachment aids in developing sensory skills for infants with sound and touch. They are also just so adorable! My two favorites are the donuts and the cheeseburger and fries! 


A more practical gift that I am currently loving is the Silky Soft Burpy Bib. Mothers love it just as much as the burping babies! Did I mention how soft it is?! I think my favorite pattern is the Pebble Shibori. It is just so perfect for a baby shower! Teething bracelets are also a really useful and fun gift. Mothers love them because they are functional but still cute! We sell them in a bunch of fun colors and they look great as singles and also stacked.

Last, but certainly not least, I can't forget to mention Jellycat stuffed animals! Harry Panda Cub is the SOFTEST stuffed animal I think I've ever felt. I want one for myself!! He comes in two sizes, small and large. Harry Panda Cub will quickly become every child's favorite stuffed animal!