Yep.. That's My Dad!

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it reminds me of all the great men in my life.
If you’ve ever come in to the store on Monday or Thursday, you might have seen my dear Dad perched up on the stool gracing you with his presence.
Within 2 minutes of chatting, he’s guaranteed to mention how he’s a die hard Aggie’s fan. Our “Gig ‘Em” notepad is a great gift for any dad that’s still reppin’ his college team! They are available in many colleges!

After stopping by the store, he heads to the country club for happy hour. I remember the first time I had a drink with good ole Billy. We had Crown and water. GROSS. Although my dad sticks to his signature drink, a great gift for Fathers Day is our Cocktail Recipe glassware. The 16 oz. glasses give you different recipes for different liquors. There is even one for beer! How fun!

As for my husband, John, I plan on getting him a pair of our Blue Breaker reading glasses. He’s constantly staring at his laptop or phone (when he’s not at the lake fishing) and these help prevent eye strain and they have a 40% blue light absorption. They are available in black & havana.

If you’re in need of a last minute Father’s Day gift, come on in and we’ll help you find the perfect gift for the perfect dad!

xoxo, Molly